Welcome to our New Paperless Program for the

75th Year of the Memorial Weekend Boat Races - May, 2023!

Our “Big Event” each year is sponsorship of the Annual Memorial Weekend Boat Races, at Rogers Landing in Newberg. The first APBA sanctioned NBC sponsored race was held on Memorial Day, 1949 staged as a marathon starting in Independence and finishing 44 miles downriver at Newberg. We have come a long way since then, moving to a two day event, held on the Saturday and Sunday before Memorial Day, with sanctioned heat racing of stock outboards (Hydroplanes and Runabouts ) and Outboard Performance Craft (OPC’s or Tunnel Boats.) A few years ago we joined forces with the Columbia Outboard Racing Association (CORA,) a local boat racing club here in Oregon, to jointly sponsor this event.

This Video, uploaded to YouTube by RogCBrand, gives a really good idea of what a visit to the Races is like. Please join us this Memorial Weekend!

On behalf of the Newberg Boat Club and the Columbia Outboard Racing Association, we would like to invite you and your family to the 2023 Memorial Weekend Boat Races, our 75th Annual Races. A wide variety of powerboats will race again this year for National Points as well as First, Second and Third Place awards, each day. In our quest to provide you with the most exciting Powerboat Racing available, we will again be hosting the National Championships for the 300 Class and the North American Championships for the 500SS Class this year. These races will draw more Racers, ones of the highest caliber. We look forward to hosting you for the 2023 Memorial Weekend Boat Races.

The races begin about 10-11 am and finish when all classes of Boats have finished their heats, usually about 6 pm. They are held, both Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Weekend. We usually hold 3 Flights of Races each day, with a short intermission between each flight, to allow our volunteers to come in off the water and take care of necessities. On Sunday, during the first intermission, we hold a Memorial Ceremony, including the laying of a wreath on the water, an inspirational reading and a 21 Gun Salute by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, in memory of those who have fought and died to keep our Nation free.

Spectator parking is available at the top of the hill. A Shuttle Van is available, or you can enjoy the short walk down the hill to Rogers Landing. Handicapped Parking is available in the Park, with a legal Handicapped Parking Permit. Parking, admission and shuttle van are all FREE.

Food and drink is available at the Races. The Boat Club will be offering snacks from it's Snack Shack.