The Newberg Boat Club and the Columbia Outboard Racing Association

are very sorry to announce that the 2020 - 72nd Annual Memorial Weekend Boat Races

have been CANCELLED due to the current COVID-19 Epidemic.

The health of our Racers, Spectators, and Members is our primary concern. We have looked into many aspects of our Races, including all the work to be done and contacts that need to be made in preparation, whether the Park will be open and the Quarantine will be lifted, how many Racers would be able to attend, and the availabilty of Support Personnel from YCSO, USCGA and TVFR Fire/Rescue. Unclear answers in all of these areas has convinced us that cancellation is for the best.

On behalf of the Newberg Boat Club and the Columbia Outboard Racing Association, we look forward to seeing you and your family at the 2021 Memorial Weekend Boat Races, for our 73rd Annual Races, when we will again have a wide variety of powerboats racing for National Points as well as First, Second and Third Place awards, each day.