Welcome to Rogers Landing and County Park

The purpose of the Yamhill County Parks program is to provide unique, natural, cultural and historic places where people can enjoy outdoor activities and educational opportunities. The County has 17 improved parks which provide users with a variety of recreational activities. Yamhill County parks have been improved and maintained to emphasize the natural aesthetic qualities that exist in these rural settings while providing comfortable access to picnic and leisure areas adjacent to the rivers and streams.

After the Races, see Yamhill County

From Rogers Landing travel northwest through vineyards and orchards to charming little Menefee Park, where Turner Creek winds through a secluded stand of Western Red Cedar. Follow the “Antiques Trail” through Yamhill, Carlton, and Lafayette to the National Historic Register site of Lafayette Locks Historic Park , where you can view the remnants of locks built in 1900 on the Yamhill River.

Drive along Baker Creek Road to Ed Grenfell Park , or Huber Park west of historic McMinnville for a family picnic in a quiet wooded setting. Head for the coast to find Deer Creek Nature Park, Stuart Grenfell Wayside , and Blackwell Park in the timber communities of Sheridan and Willamina. Besides Rogers Landing, you can find river access at Dayton Landing, in Dayton on the Yamhill River, and Ediger Landing, out by Wheatland Ferry on the Willamette. Try your luck at stream fishing or check out the swimming holes. There are more parks to visit and more of the county to see.

- Yamhill County Park & Recreation Board and Yamhill County Commissioners -